Writing Prompt Challenge- Week 3

This week's writing prompt is.... drum roll.... Story Prompt- Write a story that begins with or uses this sentence anywhere in the story- "I looked into her eyes, the blue mixing in with fiery red to look like something I had never seen before. It terrified me, but that was also the moment I knew..." … Continue reading Writing Prompt Challenge- Week 3

Writing Prompt Challenge- week 2

GOBBLE GOBBLE! Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Guess what we love more than Turkey and family reunions? Stories about turkey and family reunions! Here are your Thanksgiving prompts for the week- Story prompt- Write a story that centers around a Thanksgiving dinner- A hilarious family mishap, a disastrous event that throws the entire family … Continue reading Writing Prompt Challenge- week 2

Writing prompt challenge- week 1

BIKES! BICYCLES! WITH A LITTLE BASKET IN THE FRONT! Everybody has a fond memory associated with a bike. If you don't, make one up! This week's prompt revolves around your experiences with a bike. It could be a symbol of your childhood or about the adventures you had while mountain-biking with your friends! Dream Big! … Continue reading Writing prompt challenge- week 1

Writing Prompt- Day 13

Endings, endings, endings! The most important part of a short story. That last line that leaves the reader gasping in awe. The one last line that clears everything up. The line that wraps your entire work, making it a complete package. This writing prompt is all about the last line... or rather, the last word. … Continue reading Writing Prompt- Day 13

‘Likes to cash’ contest entry- Reshma Velappan (Jasmine)

"Jasmine... ", that's what he used to call her... just because they used to meet under the moonlight enveloped in the sweet fragrance of jasmine flowers. But that was a long time ago. Now they are married and had spend almost 40 years with each other.... And he is not calling her "Jasmine "anymore... His … Continue reading ‘Likes to cash’ contest entry- Reshma Velappan (Jasmine)

Writing Prompt Day 12

This writing prompt is on a very vast concept. The concept of love. Your interpretation of 'love'. What does love mean to you? Pen down a story, poem or just an opinion piece that shocks, scandalizes and makes the reader gasp in revelation as they read about love in a way that they have never … Continue reading Writing Prompt Day 12

‘Likes to cash’ contest entry- Guneet Kaur( You wouldn’t have said goodbye)

The memories of you Are engraved within my heart, Nothing in this world Could ever tear us apart. Because you are not here, I have so much of fear. Fear of separation,fear of loss and fear of insecurity. Because you're not here Some think that you're gone, But I tell them better Let's say you … Continue reading ‘Likes to cash’ contest entry- Guneet Kaur( You wouldn’t have said goodbye)

Writing Prompt- Day 11

Write a story that incorporates the words- "As the pen touched paper, I was sucked into a world unknown to me" - anywhere in the story. Once you're done writing, don't forget to mail it to justanothertaleweb@gmail.com to get a chance to be published! You can also take part in our ongoing contest- click here … Continue reading Writing Prompt- Day 11

Writing Prompt- Day 10

This writing prompt is all about visual description. Just one word- 'Eyes'. Describe someone's eyes in the most detailed, captivating way possible. It could be the eyes of an enemy, a lover,a friend, someone in distress, someone in a state of euphoria- let your imagination run free! Once you're done writing, don't forget to mail … Continue reading Writing Prompt- Day 10

Writing Prompt- Day 9

Write a story beginning with the words- "Let me tell you a story about a carpenter, a witch and her magic blanket" Sounds like the start of a hilarious children's story, doesn't it? Or maybe one with a dark twist? Once you're done with the story, don't forget to send it to justanothertaleweb@gmail.com to be … Continue reading Writing Prompt- Day 9