‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Lingam Aishwarya (Live or Leave)

We used to enjoy our evenings at the beach.Those tides used to symbolize the ups and downs of life but we never understood the inner meaning behind it.The green leaves used to fall off the trees which symbolized that we are just a guest on this world, but not the host to live permanently. Sand … Continue reading ‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Lingam Aishwarya (Live or Leave)

‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Christina Karthaka (Once More)

Where shall I start from, everything's out of my control but my heart knows it all. Suddenly one day you kinda look at me and you think yeah she's cute. Cute is my expression when I really like them. A girl's mind takes a moment to understand others mind or character or situation but a … Continue reading ‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Christina Karthaka (Once More)

‘Likes to Cash’ Contest entry- Dear Diary (By Nida Saqib)

Dear diary , I loved her from the day I saw her. Those magical eyes look deep into mine through the mirror and I feel like kissing her so hard that she forgets all her pain. I wish I was able to hold her every time she sobbed and wished to have someone who could … Continue reading ‘Likes to Cash’ Contest entry- Dear Diary (By Nida Saqib)

Likes to Cash Writing Contest

What better way to make money than by turning your likes to cash! Here's how it works- 1. You pen down an incredible story/ poem and mail it to justanothertaleweb@gmail.com with your contact information. (Please make sure the subject of your email says 'Likes to Cash Contest entry'). You can submit multiple stories/poems at once. … Continue reading Likes to Cash Writing Contest

Writing Prompt- Day 5

Write a story beginning with the words- "My fiancé had left me forever. She was my light, my burning torch guiding me through the dark tunnel of life. But now, I am left blinded, desperately grasping at the walls closing in on me." This writing prompt has left so much to the imagination of the … Continue reading Writing Prompt- Day 5

Writing Prompt- Day 4

You are standing on the ledge of a window sill, about to commit suicide. After a startling revelation/incident, in a span of ten minutes, you decide that you would rather live. What happens? What are your thoughts and feelings during and after your attempted suicide? This prompt is all about putting yourselves in the shoes … Continue reading Writing Prompt- Day 4

Writing Prompt- Day 3

Write a story that revolves around a 'game of poker gone wrong'. It could be a game between friends that leads to a disastrous fight; a game which could have supernatural consequences or a game that is a matter of life and death! It is totally upto you! Once you have penned down your tale, … Continue reading Writing Prompt- Day 3

Writing Prompt- Day 2

I ran as fast as I could, the wind whipping my hair back. Just as I made it to the end, something went snap! Pain shot up my ankle and I crumbled to the ground. Begin your story with this passage. What happens next? You tell me! You can submit the story and get a … Continue reading Writing Prompt- Day 2