BY MEGHNA PATTAVI She mopped the room as she knelt on the floor. Her dark brown skin shone with the sweat that soaked her. Her feet were cracked and I wondered if they hurt.  Bali. She was my house help now for a long time. My support system.  "Didi, your tea cup is looking at … Continue reading Self-Belief

Weekly Writing Prompt- Week 5

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! That's right, folks! 2018 is almost over and 2019 is about to start with a bang! We are so excited, what about you? Do you already have a list of resolutions for the new year or any major plans? Or, are just gonna wing it? Whatever you … Continue reading Weekly Writing Prompt- Week 5

Writing Prompt Challenge- week 2

GOBBLE GOBBLE! Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Guess what we love more than Turkey and family reunions? Stories about turkey and family reunions! Here are your Thanksgiving prompts for the week- Story prompt- Write a story that centers around a Thanksgiving dinner- A hilarious family mishap, a disastrous event that throws the entire family … Continue reading Writing Prompt Challenge- week 2

The Queer Girl

There was a girl in our class that everyone called a freak. I called her queer and my friends frowned at me for that. Some days the queer girl looked like she’d just returned from a costume party, dressed in a tutu and sneakers or wearing an animal ears hat and vintage shades. Other times … Continue reading The Queer Girl

‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Reshma Velappan (Fate)

'I'm a solitary dew drop and I wish to remain the same. I don't want to leave this garden. I have to reflect the first rays of sunlight and then become part of this land... That is my dream...', these were the thoughts of the dew drop. But its fate was different. The sunrays reflected … Continue reading ‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Reshma Velappan (Fate)

‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Lingam Aishwarya (My Right Steps)

My Right steps to find the one on my left. "Wake me up ,when you are in this real world. Wake me up,when my tears touch your feet. Wake me up,when my love melts your harsh heart. Wake me up,when my dreams with you are going to be real. Wake me up, when im going … Continue reading ‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Lingam Aishwarya (My Right Steps)

‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Nisha Tewari (Believe to be happy)

This story is based on this writing prompt- Writing Prompt Day 5 My fiancé had left me forever. She was my light, my burning torch guiding me through the dark tunnel of life. But now, I am left blinded, desperately grasping at the walls closing in on me. I feel desolate and isolated. I feel … Continue reading ‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Nisha Tewari (Believe to be happy)

Writing Prompt Day 12

This writing prompt is on a very vast concept. The concept of love. Your interpretation of 'love'. What does love mean to you? Pen down a story, poem or just an opinion piece that shocks, scandalizes and makes the reader gasp in revelation as they read about love in a way that they have never … Continue reading Writing Prompt Day 12

‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Reshma Velappan (Essex Lopresti)

“ What is the radiological diagnosis?” our orthopaedics professor asked showing us an X ray in the view box. We were the sixth semester MBBS students and could only hardly make out the bones from the black and white film. “Anybody?” , he asked expectantly looking into our eyes as a result of which our … Continue reading ‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Reshma Velappan (Essex Lopresti)

Writing Prompt- Day 11

Write a story that incorporates the words- "As the pen touched paper, I was sucked into a world unknown to me" - anywhere in the story. Once you're done writing, don't forget to mail it to to get a chance to be published! You can also take part in our ongoing contest- click here … Continue reading Writing Prompt- Day 11