Life- with regrets or without?

By Subhav Kapoor in response to Writing Prompt- Week 5 A tale of hope, a tale of sorrow, a tale of love. Welcome to the tale of life where love is hard to find, where money counts, but only for a certain period of time; where hate can emerge from friendships. As children, we would … Continue reading Life- with regrets or without?



Standing at the edge The brink of existence, One foot up; the other at the edge One step forward, or a tilt in any direction Or a strong whip of wind or change of mind And I would tumble and crash Into the chasm; Fall and fall Faster, a weighted stone Burdened by limits and … Continue reading Fall

What is life?

BY MEHUL SINGLA Life is a gift we got Which is passing like a trot It is a mixture of up and down Learn to swim before you drown Life is a journey we all are on Choose the right path before it's gone It is a puzzle which demands to be solved Solve it … Continue reading What is life?