A Burst of Darkness

Light. Dark. Isn't it absurd how people associate light with life and beauty and clarity? To me light seems to be a mirage in a desert of darkness. Light simply does not exist no matter how much we want it to, but we still look for it. We look for it and we then assume … Continue reading A Burst of Darkness

Streak of Hope

The moonlight poured Into my darkened room, Lighting it up as though it were day. Although the night sky was cloudy and bare, The city lights twinkled as brightly as Stars- newly polished gems under candle lights . A cloud consumed the moon; It was only for a couple of minutes But felt like eternity. … Continue reading Streak of Hope


A million lights flickering; A million souls searching For lost lovers, purpose And meaning. A million souls dreaming About the future. A million souls losing Themselves in the past. A million souls chasing After impossible ideals. A million souls crying Over broken dreams and broken hearts. A million souls laughing At others' insecurities. A million … Continue reading Mystery