"Come out of your cocoon", they said. "Break free from your shell, It's time. Spread your coloured wings wide. Show us how bright you can be, It's time." "But I am just fine inside", I said. "There is happiness here, For me. I can do what I want, how I want. I am happy here, … Continue reading Black

Critical Analysis of Signpost by Edward Thomas

Edward Thomas was born in London. Financial pressures gave him little choice but to compile anthologies, prepare hundreds of book reviews and write over thirty books on literary and topographical subjects. This unceasing work could not have helped the serious bouts of depression from which he frequently suffered. It was not until he met the … Continue reading Critical Analysis of Signpost by Edward Thomas

Finally free. Finally home.

A patchwork of greens. The smell of lemongrass and raw leaves and rough bark and wet mud wafted as we rode the crude path. Up and down the jeep went, tilting this way and that. A solitary tree jutted out of the green sea. White froth shielded the far horizon, shielding the sky and the … Continue reading Finally free. Finally home.