BY MEGHNA PATTAVI She mopped the room as she knelt on the floor. Her dark brown skin shone with the sweat that soaked her. Her feet were cracked and I wondered if they hurt.  Bali. She was my house help now for a long time. My support system.  "Didi, your tea cup is looking at … Continue reading Self-Belief

Writing Prompt Day 12

This writing prompt is on a very vast concept. The concept of love. Your interpretation of 'love'. What does love mean to you? Pen down a story, poem or just an opinion piece that shocks, scandalizes and makes the reader gasp in revelation as they read about love in a way that they have never … Continue reading Writing Prompt Day 12


The water, bluer than the sky Shimmered like a thousand diamonds Under the midday sun. The swimmer poised, waiting for the whistle. The whistle finally came, and he sprung. He flew over the glimmering water for a second or two Before gracefully penetrating the tiny waves. And then he glided, like a mermaid, Until he … Continue reading Swimmer