‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Christina Karthaka (Once More)

Where shall I start from, everything's out of my control but my heart knows it all. Suddenly one day you kinda look at me and you think yeah she's cute. Cute is my expression when I really like them. A girl's mind takes a moment to understand others mind or character or situation but a … Continue reading ‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Christina Karthaka (Once More)

‘Likes to Cash’ Contest entry- Dear Diary (By Nida Saqib)

Dear diary , I loved her from the day I saw her. Those magical eyes look deep into mine through the mirror and I feel like kissing her so hard that she forgets all her pain. I wish I was able to hold her every time she sobbed and wished to have someone who could … Continue reading ‘Likes to Cash’ Contest entry- Dear Diary (By Nida Saqib)

Thorns and Petals

The air was filled with cries demanding justice. The crowds were swelling on the icy cold winter night. The entire city had forgotten to sleep. The media was on a warpath, whereas a group of students quietly marched with candles. I looked at them and wondered if the dripping wax was burning their fingers. Maybe … Continue reading Thorns and Petals

Guardian Angel

I was pissed. Pissed at everything- my mom, my sister, life, myself. But mostly, at my dad. I kicked open my cupboard and started flinging things everywhere, tearing apart my bookshelf book by book. Stupid dad. Abandoning me. Abandoning my family. Everyone. I shouted in rage as I pulled apart another section of my cupboard. … Continue reading Guardian Angel

More than just a typewriter

It has been a long day. No, scratch that. It had been a long week. The hustle bustle of everyday life had escalated to an extent where I could hardly close my eyes for a couple of moments. It's been only a week since I gave birth to twins and it has been the most … Continue reading More than just a typewriter

A Dead Red Flower

As I fingered the soft red petals, I was torn between the impulse of crushing the frail flower in agony and preserving the flower for an eternity. It was a symbol of love- found and lost. This flower that I plucked from beneath the neat folds of her hair was the only thing keeping me … Continue reading A Dead Red Flower

An Eagle’s view

The wind ruffled my feathers as I sat on the boughs of my favourite tree. It was the tallest one in the park, overlooking the rolling green land, children playing on swings and families stretched out on the grass, laughing, talking, playing games. I scanned the view below me when suddenly my senses heightened- I … Continue reading An Eagle’s view

A Life-Altering Coffee

BY LINDA KEMP She stood leaning on the door frame, holding bags of groceries. Normally, she would have brushed him off, but today, for some reason she chose to keep talking. He seemed charming enough, his gaze inscrutable. Later, she would learn exactly what he meant by his gaze. But now, wholly guileless, she had … Continue reading A Life-Altering Coffee