The Queer Girl

There was a girl in our class that everyone called a freak. I called her queer and my friends frowned at me for that. Some days the queer girl looked like she’d just returned from a costume party, dressed in a tutu and sneakers or wearing an animal ears hat and vintage shades. Other times … Continue reading The Queer Girl


‘Likes to Cash’ writing contest- Lingam Aishwarya (The Church Mirror)

Riya was born and brought up in a rich family.she lived a fantastic life with luxurious comforts.Her life was absolutely like a fairytale story. Her eyes are like the crystals shining with the charm of courage .Her smile could make ones life beautiful.She was addicted to the pub culture . On the way to party … Continue reading ‘Likes to Cash’ writing contest- Lingam Aishwarya (The Church Mirror)

His Laugh

I sat on the floor dejectedly. We had had our first fight. And it was ugly. The kitchen was in disarray- pans where lying everywhere, two glasses lay broken, the shiny glass pieces glinting maliciously. A can of peas had spilled onto the floor. The refrigerator door was open and a box of ice had … Continue reading His Laugh