Those Old Days

The wind tugged at my coat; First gentle, then fierce. I knew it was useless to fight And so I gave in. It swept me off of my feet And pushed me back into long lost years. Not sure how far back it threw me, But once I got over the queasiness I found myself … Continue reading Those Old Days


The water, bluer than the sky Shimmered like a thousand diamonds Under the midday sun. The swimmer poised, waiting for the whistle. The whistle finally came, and he sprung. He flew over the glimmering water for a second or two Before gracefully penetrating the tiny waves. And then he glided, like a mermaid, Until he … Continue reading Swimmer


A million lights flickering; A million souls searching For lost lovers, purpose And meaning. A million souls dreaming About the future. A million souls losing Themselves in the past. A million souls chasing After impossible ideals. A million souls crying Over broken dreams and broken hearts. A million souls laughing At others' insecurities. A million … Continue reading Mystery


The wind changed its course For the eleventh time that day. Almost equalling to the number Of times a person does a day. It amazes me, How fickle the world is. Are we not all chameleons, Walking around in pretty dresses And being nothing more than reflections? Everyday we put on make up. Everyday we … Continue reading Choices.

Flame of Perfection

Her eyes were an explosion of art. It was streaked Red, like dark glinting rubies, With pixels of Orange, bursting though her eyes, Like flames, the tendrils of fire Kindled by the passion within. Yet, the fire was not one of danger. It was more like... a warm fireplace. Comforting. As her vision envelopes you … Continue reading Flame of Perfection