The Depression Cypher

By ANZAL KHAN Let me tell you a story about a man with a voice, So melodious and magical, yet deprived of a choice. He descended as an infant born, not knowing any hatred, grudges or vengeful scorn. He began well, the toddler always laughing and happy, not a moment too soon, he’s bawling and … Continue reading The Depression Cypher


‘Likes to cash’ contest entry- Guneet Kaur( You wouldn’t have said goodbye)

The memories of you Are engraved within my heart, Nothing in this world Could ever tear us apart. Because you are not here, I have so much of fear. Fear of separation,fear of loss and fear of insecurity. Because you're not here Some think that you're gone, But I tell them better Let's say you … Continue reading ‘Likes to cash’ contest entry- Guneet Kaur( You wouldn’t have said goodbye)

Uncountable Dimes

By ANZAL KHAN Let me tell you a story in the form of a dream, When the days were cold and the spirits of night all screamed, Hanging by the windowsill, a solitary moon, contemplating; Was reflecting upon someone else’s beauty her only ability? The moon wept tears cascading down a silver glow, Indifferent and … Continue reading Uncountable Dimes

‘Likes to Cash’ Contest entry- Sarika Dsouza (Dreams)

The advent of dawn pricked Gowri's dreams and woke her up with a sense of expectation. She stood and tiptoed down the stairs, Went outside and stared at the misty mountains, Absorbed by the mornings silence. Her breath formed a white plume in the air, She felt warm for her heart throbbed with excitement and … Continue reading ‘Likes to Cash’ Contest entry- Sarika Dsouza (Dreams)

Crow Tyrannosaurus

CROW TYRANNOSAURUS BY TED HUGHES You can read the critical analysis of the poem here. Creation quaked voices-- It was a cortege Of mourning and lament Crow could hear and he looked around fearfully. The swift's body fled past Pulsating With insects And their anguish, all it had eaten. The cat's body writhed Gagging A … Continue reading Crow Tyrannosaurus

What is life?

BY MEHUL SINGLA Life is a gift we got Which is passing like a trot It is a mixture of up and down Learn to swim before you drown Life is a journey we all are on Choose the right path before it's gone It is a puzzle which demands to be solved Solve it … Continue reading What is life?


Caged. We are thrown behind bars Of stereotypes and 'ideals'. Bars made of what people think Is right or wrong. Bars made of their 'standards', Their expectations of how our lives should be. "You are free to be who you are" But not gay or bisexual for that's a sin. Don't be a man who … Continue reading Caged