Fallen Mountains- book review

A small town story that captivated me and had me reeling- a must-read novel.

A small town sheriff, a missing man (presumably dead), and an old, dirty secret. It can’t get any better than this.

Set in the fictional town of Fallen Mountains, Pennsylvania, where nothing of consequence ever happens, Red, the sheriff looks forward to retire in peace during the upcoming week. But, as he always knew it would, the past comes back to haunt him and retirement flies out the window. With Transom’s girlfriend lodging a missing-persons report for him, Red fears the worst. In a town where everyone knows everyone, where everyone has history with everyone, the whole town is brimming with suspects. Especially the ones closest to Transom.

Speaking of people close to Transom, we meet his two close childhood friends, Laney and Chase, who are going through their own problems- Chase lost his grandfather and is struggling to make sense of his feelings for Laney while battling grief, whereas Laney has to choose between her past with Transom and a future she sees with Chase. But with Transom taking over Chase’s property and with a new girlfriend in the mix, it turns life upside down for all three of them, throwing a wrench in their relationships with eachother, straining their childhood bond.

Meanwhile, in a series of alternating “before” and “after” chapters, we live through the events leading up to the fateful night and the events after it, one after one climaxing finally on the night when everything changed. Can Red get past the incident that happened decades ago and keep his head or will everything implode? And what happened to Transom Schultz?

The novel twists and turns, a winding path that slowly unveils secrets, mysteries and and answers with each page, keeping the reader hooked on every printed word. Kimi Cunningham Grant marvels the readers with her enchanting story telling, weaving and narrating a tale that doesn’t cease to amaze. A must summer-read for all those who crave novel a that is an easy, fast read that can’t be put down.

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