By Mariela Maroto


There was fire in her eyes

And water on her cheeks

She has never felt so helpless

So powerless, so weak

The world was falling

And the only thing she could do was stare

Stare at the destruction

At the inevitable fall of the universe itself


There was fire in her eyes

But her heart was cold as ice,

The anger, the hate,

The impotence

The fury of not being able to react,

Like she was made of stone.

Her feet too heavy to move

The desperation

The pain.

Stuck to the earth

Without an exit

Without escape


A scream from her mouth

The only sound in the air

The melody of death

A sign of the end


She had fire in her eyes

She had a heart of ice

She had feet of stone

She had the voice of death

She had lost the battle

She had lost herself


Mariela Maroto


Mariela Moroto is 21 years old. To her, writing is “almost a reflex, [she] just can’t help it”. You can find more of her writings here-


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