Life- with regrets or without?

By Subhav Kapoor in response to Writing Prompt- Week 5

A tale of hope, a tale of sorrow, a tale of love. Welcome to the tale of life where love is hard to find, where money counts, but only for a certain period of time; where hate can emerge from friendships.

As children, we would watch cartoons, talk about fairytales, talk about dreamy stuff which would only exist in mind. We would draw weird stuff and express our thoughts through those drawings. While love was not a word of manipulation, but a feeling which came straight from heart. But, as we enter the coded circle of life such as going to school, we lose that innocence and all those expressions which mattered in childhood. Why?

If being innocent, being childish makes us happy, then why as adults do we play roles which are totally different from our natural instincts? This is a major reason for why most of us, when we are all grown up, have regrets which furthermore leads to unhappiness. It is not bad to be innocent, it is not bad to dance alone like a child, it is not bad to draw weird things which define you because, if you did all this, you would have no regrets in the last stages of your life. 2018 was the year which taught me this with a little help from my grandfather.

God called back my grandfather to heaven in 2018 which lead to the saddest day of my life. But I had learnt so much from him. He went away with no regrets and was smiling always despite the health problems he had to face. He lived his life like a king, with the soul of a child embedded in him. He had not lost that loving nature of his despite having endured hatred and betrayal from a lot of people. The day he passed away was the point where my life changed.

Within years to come, it will be time for me to leave this planet and meet god. So, I don’t want my life to be framed with codes written by the society. I want to keep the child in me alive and to not lose that innocence. My life would not be governed by regrets but with moments of chances that I took. Thus, it is our choice if we want to “live our life – with regrets or without regrets”.


Subhav is a liberal arts student, studying at OP Jindal global university, India. When he is not stuck to computer, he finds solace in nature and also writes down most of his stuff sitting in broad sunlight under the clouds. He is a blogger at wordpress and the link to his site is as follows: . His main interest is into reading spiritual and meaningful books such as The secret, who will cry when you die and even biographies of leaders.

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