A Tribute to Stan Lee

When my friend texted me that Stan Lee had passed away today, I thought he was kidding. Sure, he was 95 years old. But he can’t actually be dead, right? Right?

Stan Lee 1.gif

Wrong. One Google search proved my worst fears right. He had passed away. But he had left the world a far better place. He had inspired people, had given the world hope, happiness, laughter and the ability to think bigger.

I had always loved Stan Lee. My obsession with anything fictional had made me a huge fan of the Marvel comics and movies. I loved spotting cameos and I was honestly on the constant look out for one in every MCU movie. Although I always thought about him with fondness, I never expected his death to bring forth the feelings it did when I read the news.

Stan Lee 2.gif

At first I was in complete disbelief. And then, in denial. And then- tears. I felt incredibly stupid. I did not even personally know Stan Lee! Why was I getting so emotional over someone I knew nothing about, except that he was a part of a movie franchise?!

Even though it seemed ridiculous, I couldn’t help myself. Stan Lee was a part of so many childhood memories. When I was a kid I watched every Marvel movie at the theaters with my uncle and aunt. After a couple of years, with my brother and sister. Later, with friends. In all these fond memories, I remember clutching the shoulder of the person sitting next to me with excitement every time Stan Lee made a cameo. And after the movie ended, we would talk about how hilarious Stan Lee’s cameo was and what an amazing person he is.

Stan Lee 3.gif

Yes, losing him was terrible. But, it’s more than just that. The fact that millions of people around the world has fond memories of him and loves him like I do gives me a sense of comfort. We are all collectively experiencing this loss, collectively grieving. Although he is no longer with us, his legacy will go on, and will be immortally engraved in the hearts of every Marvel Fan who loved him, admired him and grew up watching him being an overall awesome human being.

He is, and always will be, a legend.

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