A Poem for You

by Tokika Yepthomi

Today I wrote a poem for you

knitted each verse carefully and meticulously

So that it may whisper in your ears gracefully

And pierce through your heart like a poisoned arrow


Maybe the past was too deep and narrow

That you got stranded in your own tears

And you forgot to nurture your own happiness

Least they say first cut is the deepest


Maybe, never once did you realize

The world outside your window has a better view

While you were dreaming about the lost paradise

Maybe you forgot that after winter comes the gracious spring


When everything seems dark and cold

When the lights go off and you struggle to find your way back home

Remember that you’re never alone

For you’ll always have my shoulders to lean on.


Tokika Yepthomi


Jolly and adventurous by nature who likes to travel a lot, see new places , learn new cultures and met new people . A physician who loves to read and write. An optimistic and cheerful soul.

To submit your own works, mail it to justanothertaleweb@gmail.com and read the submission guidelines here.


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