The small things

My first month at Juniata College went by in a whirlwind. I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Yet, ironically, I feel like I’ve been here forever. It feels like home. Which, to me, is even more surprising as I come from a whole different country. Juniata’s campus with its rolling green lawns and aesthetically pleasing buildings with beautiful works of art are just a few of the things I have fallen in love with.

I think the reason I find Juniata as comfortable as my living room couch back in India is because of the people. I observed that the people here are not only very accepting and interested in other peoples’ cultures, traditions and hometowns, but they themselves come from different places with different outlooks and experiences. As someone who loves meeting new people, I have wholeheartedly embraced this opportunity and probably annoyed some of them into talking about themselves for hours.

The thing that I noticed recently is that since I’ve been here, there wasn’t a single minute I was bored. There is at least one event going on every day, sometimes, more than one and every single one of them has been amazing. It is a great way to meet new people, make new memories and have a good time. Laser Tag, Eagles after Dark, Inbound, Lobster fest and PrideWeek have been my absolute favorites. The events are so well organized with something to do for everyone and caters to everyone’s varied interests. At Lobster-fest, we got a chance to sign up to the clubs that interest us the most and I was left speechless by the sheer number of club choices. (I signed up for almost everything because they all seemed so cool!).

The one other event that kick-started the Juniata experience for me was the Inbound. I chose the Camping inbound and I am so glad I made the choice. This was my first time camping and probably the best camping trip I will ever go on. Even though it was with people I had never met before, we came out of the trip as a close-knit group of friends bounded by amazing memories of campfires, tents and smores.

It’s not just the big events like these that make Juniata an amazing place. It’s the smaller things- The professors being genuinely interested in your well-being, students helping out one another without being competitive about grades or scores, the presence of dogs running about, the pleasant atmosphere of cultured learning and solitude, I could go on and on. It is things like these that matter. And things like these are in abundance at Juniata.

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