Standing at the edge
The brink of existence,
One foot up; the other at the edge
One step forward, or a tilt in any direction
Or a strong whip of wind or change of mind
And I would tumble and crash
Into the chasm;

Fall and fall
Faster, a weighted stone
Burdened by limits and time
By what I must do and mustn’t
Who I must be and mustn’t
When, Where, How I must and mustn’t

But is it freedom to hold on
Or to let go
To fall and fly
Or stay and survive

Is breaking free more honourable
Or living and thriving
Such irony and complexities
And thoughts that aren’t worth a penny
Spin around and around
Spinning yarns about meaning and destiny,
Life and the world at large

But what do we know
Of the cosmos and the heart
Of wants and desires
And duties and pride
Are we chasing or simply heading
Towards fate and a later date
Or carving and mining through,
Through life and days
Slipping over slopes
And skipping across lakes

Indecisive and confused
I stood there. Unmoving.
One leg up and one leg down.
A silhouette against the setting sun.

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