‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Ramya Hebbar (Changing Phases)

Eons have passed and eons will pass,
Poverty till exists at the level of grass.
Discrimination exists amongst various classes,
There are fights for the area of masses.

Human kind have distracted and lost their path,
Disasters and loss of life are their aftermath.

There takes place slaughtering of innocent animals,
Toxic chemicals released from industries kills insects and mammals.

Once which were fresh waters, have now become noisome,
No forests with fruits and blossoms,
Inhabitants of forests show careworm faces;

Whole generations are worried about the changing phases.
Man, the intelligent species, thinks he is the master,
Unaware that if nature looses its control it will lead to disaster.

Many historical heritages proudly built by man,
Have reduced into ruins in a short time span.

So what’s that for O’ man you have attitude?
Be humble towards mother nature and offer her gratitude.
Lead life which is humane and humble,
Pride and prejudice would only lead us to a tumble

To take part in the contest, read the rules here.

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