‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Reshma Velappan (Fate)

‘I’m a solitary dew drop and I wish to remain the same. I don’t want to leave this garden. I have to reflect the first rays of sunlight and then become part of this land… That is my dream…’, these were the thoughts of the dew drop. But its fate was different. The sunrays reflected in it but the dew drop got evaporated and got carried in the clouds to be rained the ocean. ‘Oh… Well… This is much better than my dream… Now I can be part of the mighty ocean… ‘ The dew drop anticipated the moment of becoming one with the ocean. But the drop was surrounded by darkness all round… Then a voice said, ‘You are still in the ocean but if you wait longer I can make you more precious than you have ever imagined. ‘

…… Years passed…

Dew drop waited patiently in the darkness hearing the song of the waves but never becoming part of it… Then one day sunlight shined upon it and heard someone telling how big was the pearl found in the oyster.

To take part in the contest, read the rules here.

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