Mistake- “Growing up”

Even growing up as a sincere student,
I skipped somewhere the chapter
“How to live your life”.

So being at a point where I have nothing to loose,
I can wonder more where the things went wrong.

Was it when the whole society convinced me
to accept the reality a/c to them instead of imagining it the way I want?
While a child is so stubborn for being convinced that he could end up sharpening a pencil until satisfied with the size he finds perfect,

Was it when I failed successively and began giving up on myself?
While a child never give up easily until he is done having it.

Was it when I was scared of growing old and achieving nothing,
While for a child, growing older is the pass to have everything.

Pondering over such thought, finally I realized where I was mistaken,
“To be happy and get the success you desire,
Growing older is a myth,
Coz these are the things which only
a child can accomplish.”

About the author: DIVYA SHROTRIYA

I am Divya Shrotriya from Ghaziabad. Being an introvert I have always been into writing but showing it too the world was something that scared me more. But as I always believe that life is unpredictable and see I am here fighting my fear by working on my writing skills.
Here is the link of some of my work, please take a look at it and shower your love:

To submit your own stories/ poems, read the submission guidelines here.

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