‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Lingam Aishwarya (My Right Steps)

My Right steps to find the one on my left.

“Wake me up ,when you are in this real world.
Wake me up,when my tears touch your feet.
Wake me up,when my love melts your harsh heart.
Wake me up,when my dreams with you are going to be real.
Wake me up, when im going to rest next to you.
Wake me up,when you hold me tight in your arms and all your kisses are going to be real.
Dream boy,im fed up with your dreams so please enter my life and colour my dreams with the charm of your smile.”
You are real in my dreams but just a dream in my real life.My love towards you is unconditional .Feelings grew stronger.I couldnt see you but i deeply love you.The way you hold me, the way you care me ,the way you understand me makes me fall for you.You are my gravity and im your free fall.I always want myself to be arrested in your arms my sight locked up with your eyes. I have nevered pray god to gift me a life of princess in the fairytale or to be a queen of prince charm but i just want my name to be sandwiched between your surname and last name.The pain of loosing you started when you loosened the grip on my hand.The pain of loosing the sight of you started when i tried to open my eyes and wake up.Is everything just a dream? Then what about my feelings aren’t they real? What about my love isn’t that real?If you are available only my dreams then im ready to close my eyes permenantly just to be yours.Im in search of every hidden mystery about my dream boy .

To take part in the contest, read the rules here.

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