‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Nisha Tewari (Believe to be happy)

This story is based on this writing prompt- Writing Prompt Day 5

My fiancé had left me forever. She was my light, my burning torch guiding me through the dark tunnel of life. But now, I am left blinded, desperately grasping at the walls closing in on me. I feel desolate and isolated. I feel as if my all hopes are broken. I am unable to cope up with my emotions and feelings. It seems as if I have fallen into a deep pit where only darkness prevails. I pray to God for his Mercy. But in vain. It is well said that ‘ God helps those who help themselves.’

I close my eyes and see that there are some more options in my life that are much precious than my fiancee. I weep bitterly on missing him.
But after some time I decide that I will become a Bhikkhuni. It will reduce my pain and soon I will forget all mishappening that occurred in my life. I will do service of my God. I will serve humanity. I will live a life of simple living and high thinking. I will devote my whole life in taking care of others.
But suddenly what happens is just a miracle!

I hear a voice of my cousin who is weeping bitterly and asking for an ice cream. I smile. I forget everything when I see the innocent face of my cousin.

I realize that we should not cry over split milk. We should be happy and gratified with all that we are given by this god.

God better knows how much we need and to what extent. Really I am so happy that I have given up the idea of becoming Bhikkhuni. If family is your weakness then it is also your strength.
Be positive and optimistic. Never lose hope. Just believe in yourself.

To take part in the contest, read the rules here.

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