‘Likes to Cash’ writing contest- Lingam Aishwarya (The Church Mirror)

Riya was born and brought up in a rich family.she lived a fantastic life with luxurious comforts.Her life was absolutely like a fairytale story. Her eyes are like the crystals shining with the charm of courage .Her smile could make ones life beautiful.She was addicted to the pub culture . On the way to party with friends her car got punctured at the church and she got out of the car for the lift then she saw a girl who was exactly like her but she was not dolled up like riya.She was shabby yet beautiful . Riya followed her steps and entered the church.As soon as she entered the church that girl passed through a mirror.Riya went near the mirror,to her shock she could barely see her own head but all her body was invisible.Riya ran out of the church and closed her eyes in terror.As soon as she opened her eyes there was no church infront of her but the mirror she saw in the church was visible at a distance.She went to that mirror and saw something strange.Everything in the real world looked more beautiful in the reflection of the mirror. Her steps towards the mirror brought the changes in the mirror.As soon as she was infront of the mirror everything became white and black in the mirror reflection and the words “Your colours fadeout from this black and white world” were visible.She was puzzled with those words and she went near her car now what she saw was unimaginable .She saw her dead body in the car .she took her steps back and ran towards the mirror .The fairies came out from the mirror and touched her.Now she opened her eyes. Everything was normal on the busy streets with the whisiling cars of the traffic.Is that her nightmare or real? Finally she decided to drive the car to her home but she saw that mirror in the backseat of her car.What actually happened was real or a nightmare was still a mystery.

To take part in the contest, read the rules here.

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