‘Likes to cash’ contest entry- Reshma Velappan (Jasmine)

“Jasmine… “, that’s what he used to call her… just because they used to meet under the moonlight enveloped in the sweet fragrance of jasmine flowers. But that was a long time ago. Now they are married and had spend almost 40 years with each other…. And he is not calling her “Jasmine “anymore… His eyes, which were once filled with love and adoration for her were now having a vacant look as if both of them are worlds apart. She can no longer understand him or his looks. The silence between them is almost suffocating. Her logical mind urges her to escape from this imprisoned life, to leave his side; but her heart speaks differently.
The evening breeze showered both of them with white fragrant blossoms. Her husband in the wheelchair took one of those and said :”Jasmine, where are you? Why had you left me alone?Jasmine…. ”
She took his hands and kissed them and wept, “I’m right here… Honey, I’m right here… ” The look of recognition which flashed in his aged eyes were gone in a second and he continued to gaze to the horizon. She knew she cannot hate him because having Alzheimers was not his fault. She wiped away her tears and gently pushed the wheelchair inside for the night air was becoming more colder….

To take part in the contest, read the rules here.

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