Uncountable Dimes


Let me tell you a story in the form of a dream,
When the days were cold and the spirits of night all screamed,
Hanging by the windowsill, a solitary moon, contemplating;
Was reflecting upon someone else’s beauty her only ability?
The moon wept tears cascading down a silver glow,
Indifferent and ignorant to the awe-inspired elation of the children below.
It was not a boon, not a curse,
The lone orb recognized, it was his purpose.

What am I doing here? What is my role,
It feels as if I’m always so torn and alone,
Trying to find myself within this chaotic unknown.
The childhood in me saw an artist, a doctor,
A mage, a celebrity, an adventurous trotter.
But each breath heaved was the death to my dreams,
That’s were it all began; the desperation and the silent screams.
I became a machine, spoke zeroes and nines,
Not knowing my worth, that I’m a shower of uncountable dimes.

Life is a war, with victories and frauds,
Smiling through our success and crawling past the loss.
That’s how we survive, in a society for the richest,
Darwin found a label for it, survival of the fittest.
But that’s not how it’s supposed to be,
You’ll find your purpose in a wisp of breeze.
And when you do, you’ll come out on top,
Smiling and celebrating your passion,
A beautiful Phoenix, just reborn from the ashes.
You’re not a mess, you’re a bag of uncountable dimes,
Let your stars align, let perfection take its time.
That’s what your purpose is,
To live your life the way you want to,
Not the way the norms dictate you.

About the author: ANZAL KHAN

Anzal Khan is a young aspiring writer, aged sixteen, living in the city of Lucknow in the northern parts of India. Apart from writing, he’s also an avid football fanatic and enjoys the beautiful game as much as the next thing. The first book he ever read was ‘The 3 Mistakes of My Life’ by Chetan Bhagat. An ironic fact, considering he believes that to be his first mistake. He loves vegans, because honestly, he’s tired of gardening.

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One thought on “Uncountable Dimes

  1. She says:

    That is a really beautiful poem, a catchy yet melancholy metre, a soft and almost deceptively smooth rhyme. I loved it. Clearly a talented poet!


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