‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Reshma Velappan (Essex Lopresti)

“ What is the radiological diagnosis?” our orthopaedics professor asked showing us an X ray in the view box. We were the sixth semester MBBS students and could only hardly make out the bones from the black and white film.

“Anybody?” , he asked expectantly looking into our eyes as a result of which our heads bend down in reflex like the sensitive leaves of Mimosa pudica .

“Essex Lopresti fracture”, a clear confident voice broke the suffocating silence that spread like fog in a winter morning in the room. All eyes turned towards the source of the voice….of course it has to the “topper girl”, who always scored nothing less than 80%. If I had to describe her I would say that she was moderately built and moderately nourished with mild pallor and no PICCLE*.

The professor was impressed beyond words and I bet he was thanking God that at least one of his students was not delinquent. As a token of our appreciation of her “talent” we named her as the “Essex Lopresti girl” a.k.a “EL girl”. And she was not bothered by this. In a matter of time, everyone was calling her as “EL girl”, including the professors. She was like a ghost who was invisible all the time except at times when the class was bombarded with questions. She was friendly with everyone, yet she did not belong to ant friend groups or gangs. She never had time for movies, shopping, parties or picnics.


Months passed , we were in the final days of our student years, studying hard for the upcoming University exams. EL girl was very much stressed ,but everyone has their own stress and tension to worry about then. Morever we all knew that in the end she would be crowned as the “Topper girl”….


Finally the exams including the practicals were over and we were all packing everything and planning holiday trips ….Eventhough I saw the sadness in the eyes of EL girl I let it slip….because deep down I thought that she would be alright , just because she is the “EL girl”.


Exam results were out. With heart rate speeding upto a 160 beats per minute , my eyes glued to the computer screen ,and with shaking hands I entered mt register number and waited….those 15 seconds I felt never ending torture of anticipation and fear….fear of failure….While I was busy imaging the worst scenario, my results came out….and I passed….Thank God….


EL girl was the top scorer in the whole University…..But later that day I heard from my best friend that EL girl overdosed herself with painkillers and …..had left this world already.


Well, depression and depressive disorders can push an apparently normal person to do deliberate self harm and a family to despair.And remember that every one deserves someone to share their insecurities…if you can be that someone do not hesitate…

To take part in the contest, read the rules here.

*PICCLE- synonym used by medical students during physical examination of a person

-Pallor, Icterus, Cyanosis, Clubbing, Lymphadenopathy, Edema-

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