‘Likes to Cash’ contest entry- Christina Karthaka (Once More)

Where shall I start from, everything’s out of my control but my heart knows it all. Suddenly one day you kinda look at me and you think yeah she’s cute. Cute is my expression when I really like them. A girl’s mind takes a moment to understand others mind or character or situation but a century to believe that she has fallen for

Oh let’s get started, I rose late to work today so unusual because I’ll be there before the clock. Actually I was having a situation that day so had to rush but since it was a start of the month we had new managers but I knew one of them so I managed to take off but as I was rushing I could scan the other managers who were on the other side gosh I get afraid when they are tall one of them was looking tall and tidy not so skinny but didn’t even wished to see his face. That was a very hard day for me.. family problems never mind.

Next day I came to work very tired but trying to cope up and as usual I started doing my duty knowing that one of those managers were going through my files but I was scared to even ask what is supposed to be done with the upcoming events file coz I knew he’s from my place and as far as I knew people do ragging when they get to know we are from same city. So I had been doing my work and he left within a moment he comes back and just asked if I had belonged to his crew and said it’s not necessary to type all the files and passed only a few. Later my other colleagues arrived trying to do some left over stuff. This guy comes over and tells me that he had to go to entrepreneurs cabin and gave his cell phone number to call if anything I had noted it and then he tells me his name for the first time Stanley. Oh my God this name was never out of my head till date.

To take part in the contest, read the rules here.

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