Guardian Angel

I was pissed. Pissed at everything- my mom, my sister, life, myself. But mostly, at my dad. I kicked open my cupboard and started flinging things everywhere, tearing apart my bookshelf book by book. Stupid dad. Abandoning me. Abandoning my family. Everyone. I shouted in rage as I pulled apart another section of my cupboard. A box fell down and opened, spilling its contents everywhere. Grunting, I bent down to pick up all the pens and papers and dumped them back into the box. As I was about to pick up the last item, I froze. It was letter, a letter addressed to me. I slumped against the wall. The handwriting was painfully familiar. My hand trembled as it reached for the letter. I held it lightly between my fingers. It dropped. I picked it up once more. Steeling myself, I tore it open. It was a short letter.

My dear daughter,

I don’t know when you will find this letter but I hope it’s after I have passed on. I’ve been sick for a long time. I’m sure you would know about it by now- cancer. You must be angry at me for not telling you sooner. The reason is probably because I didn’t want any of you to worry. Or maybe because I blamed myself for all the cigarettes I smoked and letting you down. But, the reason is no longer relevant. I want you to take care of everyone now. Your mother and sister depend upon you more than you could ever realise but I hope you realise it soon. Look after them for me. And remember, I’ll always be watching over you- your very own personal ghost haunting you and making sure you don’t make stupid mistakes.

With a heart full of love,

Your dad.

Tears rained over the paper, blotching the words. I sat in silence for a while. Then, after what seemed like eternity- “I will look after them, father”, I promised.

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