An Eagle’s view

The wind ruffled my feathers as I sat on the boughs of my favourite tree. It was the tallest one in the park, overlooking the rolling green land, children playing on swings and families stretched out on the grass, laughing, talking, playing games. I scanned the view below me when suddenly my senses heightened- I could smell it, the blood and decay. My eyes followed the invisible trail of the smell until it rested upon the body of a rat, disembowled and forgotten at the base of trees. I swooped down, fast as lightening, snatched up the corpse and flew upwards, back to my favourite tree. My little hunting manuevor earned awestruck looks from the children. They watched me for a while, unable to tear their eyes away from me. Fed up of being scrutinized by the disapproving looks from the parents, I took flight once more, my strong wings guided by the ever-changing course of the wind, to a new place and a new tree.

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