Polka Dots

I walked into the office, clutching my briefcase. There were exactly 4 papers and 4 pens inside. As I walked in, heads turned towards me- 7. That was good. A good number.

“I’m here for the interview”, I said to the receptionist. She was wearing a spotted blouse. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… oops. I had counted that polka dot already. Must start again. 1, 2, 3…

“Sir? Sir?”. The receptionist’s voice broke my concentration. I cursed. Now I need to start counting again. 1, 2…

“Mr. Andrew is ready for you” she said in a slightly squeaky voice. I nodded… I need to count but… Focus, focus! I said to myself. I turned around and walked towards the manager’s office. The key was still in the office’s door. Should I take it? Should I leave it?

“You must be Mr. Davengue. I’m Mr. Andrew”, the manager said, extending his hand. I took it, my mind exploding with the realisation that I had made contact with so many germs. I need to wash. I need to sanitize. I need to…
“Are you alright? ” Mr. Andrew asked in concern.
“Oh, yes”, I said. “Sorry, I need to go”. As I walked out of the door, I slipped the key out and handed it to Mr. Andrew. With my head down, I made my way out to the street. I stopped. I turned around abruptly and went back inside.

I had totally forgotten to count the polka dots on the receptionist’s blouse.

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