What is life?


Life is a gift we got
Which is passing like a trot
It is a mixture of up and down
Learn to swim before you drown

Life is a journey we all are on
Choose the right path before it’s gone
It is a puzzle which demands to be solved
Solve it before we all get dissolved

Life is a war we need to fight
We all have to be our own knight
Losing isn’t an option in this war
Try to learn some tactics from the yore

Life is series of mistakes
We all have to feel the aches
Errors are a part of our existence
It’s important to find means of our subsistence

Life is a camera to click photos
So that you can make new amigos
Try to focus your lens on good things
So that you all can enjoy the springs

Life is like a book which is to be read
Complete all the chapters before you are dead
Some chapters are happy some are sad
Never worry because it’s not all bad.

If you would like to read more content by Mehul, check out his blog here.

About the author:


I am from Panchkula, India. I am a Mechanical engineer and an amature writer. Soon my poetry is going to be published in a book. My favourite books are The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Who Will Cry When You Die by Robin Sharma. I love these books because I got to learn a lot of things from these books. They made me realise what life is. Writing is something which makes me happy and satisfied with my life. It’s the only thing that I enjoy doing. I have a blog on WordPress. Link is https://lifeinprogress290296.wordpress.com

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