Just Another Tale is now on the look out for fresh, new content! The possibilities are limitless! You can submit anything you want- stories, poems, shorts- it’s completely upto you! This is an excellent way to get new readers to your blog and build your follow base.

However, there must be rules- they are simple enough, not to worry.

  1. Your submission will undergo screening and will be published only if approved.
  2. Please ensure that your submission does not exceed 7000 words. All submissions must be sent in a Word Doc only (.doc) . PDF files will not be accepted.
  3. Previously published work is also accepted, so don’t hesitate to send your best work!
  4. Send a picture of yourself so that we can put it in along with your story.
  5. Send a short bio of yourself( for example, you can answer these sample questions- where are you from? Do you work? If you do, where do you work? What are your favourite books and why? How does writing make you feel? So on and so forth. You can also add additional information about yourself!).
  6. If you have a blog/ website, please send the link so that we can put it in along with your bio. This will direct the readers to your blog thereby guaranteeing more readership.

Please send it to

P.s. All rights to your story remains with you, so feel free to submit it simultaneously elsewhere.

Plus, if your submission is approved, you will get a follow from this very blog as a token of appreciation!

So, what are you waiting for? Dazzle us with your unparalleled writing skills!

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