We are thrown behind bars
Of stereotypes and ‘ideals’.
Bars made of what people think
Is right or wrong.
Bars made of their ‘standards’,
Their expectations
of how our lives should be.

“You are free to be who you are”
But not gay or bisexual for that’s a sin.
Don’t be a man who cries,
A woman who earns;
Don’t take a stand against societal terms.
Don’t protest and create a scene.
All this makes you seem like an
Attention seeker, a wannabe.

“You are free to make your own decisions”
As long as it involves
A career, marriage and kids.
Choose the ‘right’ job, like being
An engineer or a doctor.
Don’t be single for too long
Or you’ll never get married.
Follow this laid down course of life
If you don’t want to be seen as
Abnormal, weird.

“You are free to wear whatever you like”
But no skirts above the knee.
Boys shouldn’t care about clothes.
Girls shouldn’t wear too much make up.
Don’t expose yourself
Or you will come across as a
Slut, a whore.

You can be as free as a bird,
Free to do anything you desire,
For this is a free country.
This is what they say.

But how free can we really be
When we let them cage freedom
Within narrow walls
And narrower minds?

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