A Burst of Darkness

Light. Dark. Isn’t it absurd how people associate light with life and beauty and clarity? To me light seems to be a mirage in a desert of darkness. Light simply does not exist no matter how much we want it to, but we still look for it. We look for it and we then assume that we have finally found it, oblivious to the darkness shadowing it. So drawn we are to the sudden burst of colour and vision, that we forget about the ‘sinister’ dark tendrils crawling, slithering towards us. Once it consumes us, we are lost. Once again in the dense dark we hunt for Light, desperate and afraid. But believe me, there lurks nothing but blinding darkness. The deeper you go, the farther you are from Light, they say. Pay no heed. Stop fighting the inevitable. Realize that the darkness around you already flows through your veins. Feel it. Breathe it. Cherish it. Now open your eyes- you can see again. The darkness that is a part of you will guide you through. You can see better now. Everything is so much more clear. Do you know why? It is because you are no longer looking through a mirage, but through your reflection.

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