Footprints in the Sand


The sea could not touch her little feet, as she hopped back every time making it impossible for it to touch her. Her smile broadened every time she disappointed the wave. She chuckled in happiness about the little victory of her’s. The sea tried harder and harder only to fail every single time. As I sat watching the little girl from a distance, I couldn’t not care to smile. She seemed to have very little to worry about life, her innocence of defeating the wave’s challenge, showed how less she worried about even the biggest.

Taking a deep breath, I turned to the other side watching an old couple, sitting in silence, trying to cope up with some anxiety. The silence of their thoughts and the roar of the sea didn’t closely match. There I saw another gentleman enjoying taking photographs of the sea and the various tiny life forms we neglected most of the times in our life. He enjoyed every photograph, continuing to take many more, only to make it look better. I learnt from him life is all about improvisation.

I couldn’t stop staring at that little girl, who still managed to disappoint the wave. Curiously enough, I saw she wasn’t watched by anyone. She was all by herself and managed so well not throwing a single tantrum. As I got up and walked towards her, she gave me a smile so welcoming that I decided to talk to her. She pulled her short pink mini skirt higher every time the wave tried touching her. I said to her, so now that the wave has failed to touch you, why do you still pull the skirt higher! She shied in response and turned her cute little face. She said “My mom bought this for me”.

Her smile melted my heart, there was something about her,that brought me to her so much. She turned to me and said, “I want to tell you a story”. Being an avid lover of stories, I just couldn’t say a no.

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful queen who was kind and just. The king left her very soon after she had a girl child. The queen continued to raise the child with all the love she could shower on her. The charming princess, learnt to read and write in a very short time. She aspired to become a doctor, but the queen didn’t have money to pay for her to become a doctor. At this moment, I paused and asked her, ‘then how can she be called a queen?’ The little girl replied, she was a queen because she had a big heart. I smiled at my stupidity, for which she said she wouldn’t continue if I asked her questions. I promised her that, I would remain as still as the old couple sitting a little away from us.

The princess left the house and joined a college which offered her to become a doctor. As days rolled, the princess met a prince. He was so fair that she couldn’t stop looking at him. Then one day the prince asked the princess to marry him. The queen agreed to marry her off to the prince. The story had reached a point of saturation and I let out a small yawn. Not wanting to disappoint the little child, I continued listening patiently.

She said the prince and the princess lived very happily ever after. With a sigh of relief I applauded her saying, “I loved the story”. She looked at me and said no, you promised to listen. So she continued, the princess gave birth to a baby girl, whom she loved more dearly than anyone. I looked up at her and smiled. She smiled back and went into a deep silence. Curiously enough, I said, so what happened next, did you forget your story! She said, “the sea took the princess away”. A moment of complete silence, I just nodded as I watched the sea.

Kanasu, my dear where are you? I heard a voice calling out to the little child, whose name I then got to know. As the man approached her, her joy knew no bounds and she ran into his arms. He then said, “The footprints have appeared”. I told him, your daughter is a wonderful story teller, but what I don’t get is what happened to the princess. She said, “The foot prints have come”.

As I watched the father- daughter duo, excited and talking to the foot prints, i asked the father, what is the footprint all about? He said her mother passed away, last year trying to save a drowning child in the same sea, they never found her mortal remains. Kanasu was told her mother lived on with the queen of the sea and that her foot prints would appear every month to say “hello to her”. The princess story you just heard is her mother.
Reality had hit me hard, I got carried away thinking Kanasu told me a bed time story, but what she told me was a real princess who left the world saving another. With a teary eye, I asked the father, do these footprints belong to you….

As I walked back leaving Kanasu in her dream world, I saw the foot prints in the sand disappearing into the sea, just like her mother did.

About the Author:


Every single day in life is a suspense. Being a doctor by profession, I have seen life, death and beyond. This irked my interest into spirituality and philosophy. I have developed writing over a brief period of time. I have been evolving everyday to be a better writer and now so passionate about it. I have been writing short stories and articles, in over a period of time and have also published them into blogs and magazines. Writing has made me more sensitive towards my environment, gives me positive energy and makes me very happy.

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