As I sit here,

Looking at the city stretched below me,

The twinkling lights,

The roads criss-crossing-

Like a maze,

All I can think of is how insignificant we are,


What can we hope to accomplish alone

In this world where lurks thousands and thousands,

Dreaming the same dream?

What if, what if

The thousands came together as one.

Are only a thousand enough to bring down

The hate, the cruelty,

The violence, the fear,

The possibility of the apocalypse drawing near?

If people change, will the world survive?

Or are we all incorrigible,

Adamant, arrogant,

And naïve to see- we are poison

Corrupting the very place we live in.

It is impossible for mankind to change now.

Too late.

Mother Earth, free us,

Cleanse us, put us out of our misery.

Let the apocalypse begin.

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