“Come out of your cocoon”, they said.
“Break free from your shell,
It’s time.
Spread your coloured wings wide.
Show us how bright you can be,
It’s time.”

“But I am just fine inside”, I said.
“There is happiness here,
For me.
I can do what I want, how I want.
I am happy here, isn’t it enough?
Just let me stay inside.”

“No, come out! Come out!” They said once more.
I finally gave in, for I could take it no more.
And so, letting go of my happiness,
I took flight.
I was nervous, yet my heart was light.

They cheered and cheered-
Until they saw my wings.
Where their wings were blue and red packed,
Mine was only black, black, black.

For a moment I thought, maybe,
There was happiness for me here too.
But how can it last when I was the only one
Whose wings had no red, yellow or blue?

I was not red like the beautiful roses,
Or green like the leaves on trees.
No, no.
I was black like the…
Like the what? There was no black in nature.
There was no place for black.
Black was the colour of death and decay;
I hurried back to my cocoon without delay.

But it was no longer comforting,
No longer the same.
I am lost.
And I can’t find myself again.

Oh, how I wish I never left.

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