The Devil Itself

It was a moonless eerie night. The trees were whispering among themselves. The habitants, however, held their breath- they could feel it, smell it- the Devil had come once again. It always arrived with the stink of metal, grease and sweat. If one sticks out their tongue into the cool night air, they can taste the fear, the psychopathic eagerness, the sadism and the bitter taste of barbarity. If one listened closely they can hear its silent, muffled breathing, its footsteps crunching over dead branches and dead leaves.

In fact, it seemed as thought the bloodthirsty Beast left nothing but death and destruction in its wake. It killed innocents without a second thought. It hunted the weak as well as the brave. It did not matter to the Monster- they were all nothing more than meat. It was rumoured that this Creature would sometimes capture harmless souls, take them to its lair and torture them in cages for its own merriment. This Demon would tear apart homes, wreak havoc in their neighbourhood and would ultimately annihilate them all. The animals ached for freedom but they new they wouldn’t get it as long as the Monster existed. It was a merciless killing machine.

The poor victims eyed the Brute as it made its way through territories that did not belong to it, invading homes and scarring the very land it stepped on.

A gallant solider pounced at it with hopes of driving it away. A loud ringing sound erupted from the metal instrument the Monster carried. A piece of metal embeded itself in the soldier’s body, wounding him fatally. The Creature barked out a savage laugh. What was one more dead ‘thing’ to the all-powerful Monster?

As they watched their comrade die in front of their eyes, the animals took flight in panic- some into the sky, some into the narrow, dirty stream and the rest into what was left of their homes.

The trees were still whispering amongst themselves with an air of deep sorrow and despair. Unlike the young animals, the wise old trees knew what the Monster was called. In fact, there was a whole race of them, dominating a world that was once beautiful and peaceful. The trees exchanged hushed words of apprehension and aversion. They said the words with a voice of finality and defeat. They said, “The Human has killed another.”

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