Streak of Hope

The moonlight poured
Into my darkened room,
Lighting it up as though it were day.
Although the night sky was cloudy and bare,
The city lights twinkled as brightly as
Stars- newly polished gems under candle lights .

A cloud consumed the moon;
It was only for a couple of minutes
But felt like eternity.
I sat in agony,
Choking on velvety darkness
While time slowed down to a snail’s pace.

Finally, the silver moon blessed me
With its clarity, its purity, its beauty.
Blessed me with life and vitality.

It was a beacon of possibilities:
A path guiding me
Through the thick, infinite night sky.

My sister groaned; She never could sleep unless it was pitch dark.
And so, reluctantly, I drew the blinds.
But, for reasons selfish yet pure,
I did not completely barricade the window.

A thin streak of light pierced my room.
A thin streak of hope pierced my heart.

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