Deserted Fighter

Sitting in a crowd,
Yet I feel alone.
Like a lone man walking through
A lonely desert-
Waiting for a saviour,
Someone to show me the way.
No one arrives. I am left
Walking in circles.
A gust of wind blows,
Cooling my burning face,
Rekindling the hope within.
Will I find my way once again,
After all this time?
Can I put up a fight
Against the howling winds,
The mirages, the shifting sand dunes
And the unrelenting Sun
Which burns on as though mocking me,
Testing me,waiting for me
To give in to hopelessness.
I shall not.
I will tread on,
Even if it means dragging my feet
Through the golden sand
Which clutches at my feet with each step.
I will stare down the sun
With unflinching defiance.
If the gale pushes me back,
I will fight my way forward once again
And again,
And again,
Until it gives up.
I will never back down.
The desert has to end somewhere,
That is where you will find me too.

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