The water, bluer than the sky
Shimmered like a thousand diamonds
Under the midday sun.
The swimmer poised,
waiting for the whistle.
The whistle finally came, and he sprung.
He flew over the glimmering water for a second or two
Before gracefully penetrating the tiny waves.
And then he glided, like a mermaid,
Until he broke the surface.
He stretched forth his hands
And pulled at the water-
Pushing it back and behind him as he raced on.
The crowd around him cheered him on
And as though channelling their power
He pulled harder, kicked faster
Swimming as fast as a shark and then
He no longer felt human.
He was in his turf and nothing
Could stop him now.
As he swam, he felt the water clear a path for him
As though it wanted him to win as much as he did.
He no longer needed to breathe.
He felt strong, empowered, confident.
He felt invincible.
As he neared the end he felt energy
Surge through him like never before,
He pushed his body to its limits and beyond.
And within a few seconds
he slammed his hand against the wall in triumph.
Before he even looked around he knew it.
He knew it as soon the crowd went wild.
He knew it even before be finished.
He knew he had won.


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