Flame of Perfection

Her eyes were an explosion of art.
It was streaked
Red, like dark glinting rubies,
With pixels of Orange,
bursting though her eyes,
Like flames, the tendrils of fire
Kindled by the passion within.

Yet, the fire was not one of danger.
It was more like… a warm fireplace.
As her vision envelopes you in its burst of light
You melt into a puddle of heightened senses,
Aware of her every movement-
Her graceful walk,
Reminding you of dancing flames.
Her flaming red hair,
Her elegance,
Her voice- rich and deep- like a queen.
A queen you can’t help but
Look up to in awe.
She seemed like a reincarnation.
The embodiment of perfection.

Although She can never be touched,
Her presence is felt.
Although you can never reach Her,
Her love reaches you as she bathes you
In her warm unceasing light.
She, like the Sun, an infinite being,
Is as unfathomable as the deepest oceans
And yet, her everlasting, potent blaze
Reaches there as well.

She is the epitome of majesty.
You, a prosaic little peasant,
Unworthy of such charm and delicacy.
And yet, to Her,
You are perfection.
And worthy of her love.

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