The wind changed its course

For the eleventh time that day.

Almost equalling to the number

Of times a person does a day.

It amazes me,

How fickle the world is.

Are we not all chameleons,

Walking around in pretty dresses

And being nothing more than reflections?

Everyday we put on make up.

Everyday we wear something new.

Everyday we do our hair in a different way.

Yet,we look alike. We all look the same.

Alike, how? You ask.

And so, I say,

Aren’t we all conforming

To things we don’t believe in?

Aren’t we all in

Places we never wanted to be in?

Do we not all seek

Love, money, glory?

Do we not all want to be

Unique, special, irreplaceable?

Do we not all hope to be

A better version of ourselves?

Do we not all feel the need to be

Wanted, accepted?

What is individuality, then? You ask.

And so, I say,

The steps you ascend,

The path you tread,

The journey you make,

And the moments you share.

So tell me now,

And tell me true,

What you are going to choose.

Happiness? Money? Desire?

Revenge? Family? Friends?

Love? Excitement? Adventure?

Or just another chance to make amends?

Choose with your heart,

Not with your mind.

Choose what you will,

And that you will find.

For that’s what make you,you-

The choices you make,

And the ones you see through

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